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H e a d l i n e  H a t s

About Us

We set up Headline Hats as a result of my own experience of losing my hair through chemotherapy, and the difficulties I encountered trying to find an alternative form of headwear to a wig. Department stores and hat shops not only had little to offer, but nowhere to try anything on in privacy. It was particularly difficult to find anything suitable to wear inside as well as outside, or anything that would stay securely on my head at night-time, when one can get really cold without hair. 

This is our second on-line brochure since starting the company in 2000 and incorporates new ideas which we have delvoped from customer feedback.  Our range of hats are smart, versatile and comfortable and include styles to suit all ages and tastes.  Particular attention has been paid to ensuring that there are no irritating seams and that the hats cover the hairline as securely and discreetly as possible. 

Our ‘Sidelines’ are products which I found to be particularly useful when I was ill.  Our pill dispensers are invaluable when faced with the difficulties of organising a complicated regime of medication. 

The Elta creams have been exclusively imported by Headline Hats from the United States where they have been enthusiastically endorsed by radiotherapy patients coping with dry skin following treatment. 

Our aim is to provide a discreet, efficient and personal service.  Contact details of other organisations which provide help and support can be found on the our website.  

Tricia Emlyn-Williams
Co-Founder, Headline Hats