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Pill Dispensers

An invaluable aid to coping with complicated medication regimes. These dispensers are simple and easy to use. They come in two sizes, Medidos (small) and Medimax (large) and will help to ensure that the right pills are taken at the right time.

Medidos (PD30S) £10.50 
Medimax (PD30L) £16.50
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Moisturizing Creams
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Elta® Skin Care Creams have been specially formulated in the USA to soothe and hydrate skin damaged by radiation treatment. Elta moisturizers are leading products in hospital burn centres across America. They are easily absorbed and will not irritate sensitive skin. All Elta products are fragrance and preservative free. In addition they are non-comedogenic (will not block pores).

Elta® Lite
Superior moisturizing for face, hands and body. This cream is a superb daily moisturizer. It is wonderfully light, smooth and easily absorbed. Elta® Lite provides a watertight moisture barrier that works for hours, and is safe for sensitive skin.

8floz/236ml Pump dispenser (EL20M) £12.50
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Elta® Creme
The Melting Moisturizer® Concentrated moisturizing for 12 hour protection. This cream is particularly beneficial for smaller, very sensitive problem areas. It melts on contact, penetrating damaged and dry skin to encourage natural moisture retention and speed the healing process. Very good value, as a little goes a long way.

2.8oz/79g Tube (EC20S) £8.50
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Elta® Sun Care Broad
Spectrum Block SPF32
This combination block and light moisturizer is excellent for daily use on face (under make up), hands and arms. As a broad spectrum cream, it combines chemical sun-screens for adequate blocking of UV-B rays, plus physical blocks, especially zinc oxide, for broad spectrum UV-A protection.

3oz/85g Tube (ES20S) £9.50
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